Endoscopes and accessories

ATTENTION: These home endoscopes are available through various vendors. Below you will see some endoscopes that we have tried and worked for us – no single product is specifically endorsed. To view the ear drum of children, we recommend the smallest endoscope you can find. Endoscopes with a diameter of 3.9mm and larger are available.  In some cases even the 3.9mm endoscopes may be too small.


    1. Otolaryngology Associates has endoscope “kits” that can be purchased through our office. For more information about how to order them call 703-383-8130 or stop by our Fairfax office from 9a-1p M-F. They are priced at $30 and come with written instructions and a set of endoscope tips (see below).

$30 includes:





  • Some endoscopes are available amazon.com and may include overnight delivery. (Otolaryngology Associates does not verify or endorse specific purchases through amazon). 




  • As an alternative to amazon, these endoscopes are available through an online store.  Shipping times vary.



In order to safely and effectively use any otoscope, we recommend using an otoscope “tip”. Try to find an endoscope that includes these tips (or otoscope “specula”). If they are not included with the endoscope purchase they can be difficult to find separately


Body humidity can fog up the endoscope. An alcohol wipe can be used to clean and dehumidify. Anti-fog (defog) is also available online.  For a proven safe home remedy use Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo. Just a small dot of shampoo should do the trick! 


These anti-fog products are available from online retailers